Recovery Community Organization

NEW DATE Recovery Community Organization Launch

Addiction often leads to isolation and isolation often intensifies addiction but a supportive community can help break this cycle.

The first recovery community organization was born out of the need to do more for people with substance use challenges. What began as a small community effort in the early 90s has grown to hundreds of independent recovery community organizations across the country.

RCOs are independent non-profit organizations led by members of the recovery community comprised of individuals who understand recovery firsthand. RCOs are like gardens with experienced gardeners helping others cultivate seeds of recovery. These organizations are uniquely positioned to cultivate and nourish local recovery communities helping primarily through peer support education and advocacy. RCOs main function is to make recovery visible and accessible. Most RCOs directly help those with substance use challenges through peer support.

Peers are trained individuals with personal experience in addiction, & recovery. They offer unique support to those in the community due to their shared life experiences.

RCOs also provide opportunities to advocate for policies that support recovery. Examples include advocating for government funding for recovery programs, removing barriers to employment and housing and calling for policies that treat people experiencing substance use challenges with dignity and respect.The goal is to reduce stigma and strengthen the community. Whether individuals receive clinical treatment or not RCOs offer a community that strengthens and supports them to build meaningful healthy lifelong recovery that is unique to each.

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